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5 easy strategies for travel rewards & discounts

These are challenging times so we all look for great ways to save more and get more out of our travel dollars. As your PoshPorts Ambassadors we do a considerable amount of travel ourselves, so we've become pretty adept at getting the biggest bang for our buck. And we want to share our best strategies with you! We know it can be a confusing minefield of information, offers, "deals" and rewards. We're here to clear away the clutter and give you five great ways to take advantage of the best posh possibilities without having to spend more time than it's worth to find them. So, here we go:

tips to make your air travel a culinary experience

No matter how you travel - first class, business class or coach - there are very few airlines that have managed to provide meals or snacks that are edible. We all know that most airlines are struggling financially. There are fewer and fewer perks, more surly customers and airline employees, and less and less enjoyment when traveling.

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