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10 best hassle-free travel souvenirs

7 Dream Vacations Close To Home


by Diana Laskaris


the most important habit

Many of us have read or at least heard about Stephen Covey's book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." While tomes have probably been written and explored about Covey and his principles, we feel that it's worth spending a little time on the one habit we think is most important when dealing with people in an international business setting.

frequent flyer mastery

PoshPorts loves to help you increase travel pleasure and value. Optimizing rewards of Frequent Flyer programs is one way to do that and Frequent Flyer Master is an e-book that demystifies getting the most miles you can in a variety of ways.

"truth is more interesting than the facts..." quote the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Whether the truth about the travails of Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) will ever be known, the amount of literature devoted to the topic is certainly not in short supply.

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to see a FLW building is certain to come away appreciating his many talents. Examples of his work are around the globe but there are three places that hold special pleasure for any Wright-o-phile.

gourmet cooking for dummies - book review

Hello, friends! We guess you could call us longtime foodies. We’re not sure exactly what that term means, but we think it means that we like the intricacies of food – cooking, preparation, serving, eating. We travel in search of unique food, different food experiences, special restaurants and recipes. We enjoy watching food-related shows, reading cookbooks and cooking magazines.

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